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2D Animation & Digital Art


You’re an aficionado of all things animated. The type of person who loathes the sound of an alarm clock but bolts out of bed for Saturday morning cartoons. You write class notes in the margin, leaving the rest of the page free for your doodles and etchings of far-away fantasy worlds and captivating, colourful characters. You’re looking for a career that puts this passion to good use. Are ready to take your place at the drawing board?

Our 2D Animation & Digital Art program gives you everything you need to assist your touch to the characters who animate our world.

Gone are the days when such characters are reserved for cartoons or the silver screen — today, we see them everywhere, in online games, commercials, apps, and plastered across the web. Centre for Arts and Technology gets you ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry. Our instructors are animation wizards who arm you with the practical skills and theoretical understanding needed to thrive in a professional studio environment. They hone your natural skill and talent with an intensive training platform covering all aspects of the trade, including character design, layout and production, digital painting, life drawing, cel animation, mobile and online game design, and more. Graduates storm the job market with a professional portfolio and demo reel showcasing their talent, strengths, and individual style to potential employers.

With a firm grasp of 2D Animation, you make yourself a valuable asset at any animation studio.

Our accelerated program is your direct line to a fulfilling future in any of these digital art careers:
•  Digital Animator
•  Character Designer
•  Concept/Storyboard Artist
•  Storyboard Clean-up Artist
•  Interface Designer
•  Layout Artist
•  Background Artist
•  Illustrator
•  Level Designer

Companies Employing Our Graduates:

Bardel Entertainment | Rainmaker Entertainment | Yeti Farm Creative | Disney Online | EA Sports | MPC | Nerdcorps Entertainment | United Front Games | Digital Extreme | Slant Six Games | Lemonade Labs | Hyper Hippo Games | Lizard Brain

Student Testimonial:

“Everyone and everything you connect with at Centre for Arts and Technology is your best resource to ensure that you make the most out of your passion and talent.”  – Devon James Watterston

2D Animation & Digital Art – Program Flatsheet 2D Animation & Digital Art – Program Outline, Course Descriptions, and International Tuition


Sean Ridgway | Department Head Graduating in 1992, Sean jumped right into animating and developing CD-Rom games for an independent video game company in Oakville, Ont.  In 1994 the attraction of the west coast and the burgeoning Vancouver animation industry led Sean to work at major pre-production houses in the Lower Mainland such as ‘Studio ‘B’ Productions’ and ‘Bardel Entertainment’ designing  on many television shows such as “The Magic School Bus”, and “Tales from the Cryptkeeper”.  In 1996 ‘Disney’ came to Vancouver and over the next 4 years Sean helped animate many feature-length projects including the award winning “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”. Always looking for a challenge and a chance to broaden his skills, Sean accepted a position as a computer graphic artist on the ‘NBA Live’ team at Electronic Arts Canada in Burnaby, BC.  In 2000, Sean started his teaching career, joining the ‘Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound’ as an instructor while working full-time in the industry.  In 2002, Sean was offered the full-time position of Animation department head at ‘Center for Arts and Technology’ in Fredericton, New Brunswick and decided to make the journey back east with his family. Sean is back in BC and has been with Centre for Arts and Technology for over 11 years in the role of Department Head and full time instructor. To learn more about working in the Animation Industry, you can listen to our PODCAST WITH SEAN on our Soundcloud Stream. Vincenzo Zumpano | Instructor Vincenzo Zumpano is a Saskatchewan born artist, who has spent his early career doing a variety of unique projects. From having a successful art showing, branding a local arts festival, running a small art card business to graphic illustrating for magazines. Vincenzo graduated with honours from the Animation program at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario and began his professional animation career while still finishing his third year of school.  He has contributed to a variety of projects in a range of styles and genres including: “The Cat in The Hat Knows a Lot About That!”, “Transformers Rescue Bots”, “X-Men” motion comics, and the new hit show “Rocket Monkeys”. Vincenzo currently work as an animation supervisor at Yeti Farm Creative and continues to pursue new and exciting projects that challenge and inspire him.