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Audio Engineering & Production


You’ve always had a keen ear for good music. Friends refer to you as the tastemaker of the group, and you know the right score or soundscape can become a character in itself. You love how sound shapes an environment, recognizing the power of the perfect song or effect to change the mood of a scene in an instant. Ready to set the tone for your future? Graduates of our Audio Engineering & Production program make waves across the music industry, from mixing critically-acclaimed albums, producing upbeat radio jingles, or mastering the score of the next blockbuster film. Our instructors spent decades working with top talent and shaping the face of the music industry. Among our team is the first person to ever record an album on hard disc, a project involving legendary producer George Martin and which paved the way for today’s digital music landscape. Now, he’s training the next generation of industry innovators through the Centre for Arts and Technology. You learn the ins and outs of the trade and master the fundamental skills and science behind audio production and engineering. Armed with the basics, you can push the envelope of your craft and tackle real-world engineering projects in our custom-built recording studios, working only with the latest software and equipment. Our award-winning studio sages pass on their expertise in music theory, music composition, scoring for film and soundtracks, Pro Tools HD, analog and digital studio operations, recording and mixing in stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound, music production, editing and sound design, film set location recording, and recording and mixing ADR and SFX for television and film. Invest 18 months with this intensive program, and your next stop could be the helm of the soundboard for a worldwide tour, capturing sound effects for the next big video game, or thriving in any of these engaging careers:  
•  Recording Engineer
•  Music Producer
•  Post-production Engineer
•  Sound Designer
•  Sound Studio Assistant
•  Location Audio Engineer
•  Foley Artist
•  Video Game Audio Engineer
• Multimedia Audio/Visual Production Artist

Student Testimonial:

“I was always fascinated at how sound and music can heighten your perceptual experience. The Audio Engineering & Production instructors did an excellent job of preparing me for my career. I now live in Vancouver and record location dialogue for film and television productions.”  – Corey Sewell

Audio Engineering Production – Program Flatsheet Audio Engineering Production – Program Outline and Course Description


Caleb Hyde | Instructor  Caleb has been recording indie/major label bands for over 10 years. He has built a versatile skill set while creating productions within control rooms from Montreal to Vancouver. His wide range of recording locations has earned him experience with outboard gear from many different eras, as well as marrying digital/analog productions into an amalgamated signal flow. To learn more about working in the Audio Industry, you can listen to our PODCAST WITH CALEB on our Soundcloud Stream.