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Animation for Game, Film, & Visual Effects


You’ve always felt the impulse to create and pride yourself on keeping up with the latest trends in technology. Video games are a bit of an obsession and you never complain when filmmakers sacrifice story for mind-bending special effects. For a career, you cringe at the mention of a suit and tie, preferring to see yourself working with a team of crack animators on the next blockbuster game or Hollywood megahit. Are you ready to put the frames into action? Our Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects program gives you the training and experience to pursue your dream job in 3D animation. You learn the latest techniques in an environment that runs like a fast-paced, real-world production studio more than a classroom. And if you prefer, complete your studies through a combination of in-class and online teaching, a new option to give students a unique and flexible learning experience. Our instructors continue to lend their expertise and talents to countless television and film productions, including The Twilight Saga, District 9, and The Muppets Go to Oz; along with video games such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Tiger Woods, NHL, FIFA, and more. Working with these award-winning animation wizards gives you the skills to become a sought-after animator in your own right. Through us, you will excel at all facets of the craft, including animation, modeling, lighting, texturing, rigging, rendering, compositing, life drawing, character design, layout design, game design, level design, game environment design, and storyboarding. Upon completion, graduates receive a laptop loaded with the Adobe Creative Suite, our gift to ensure you hit the job market with not only the skills and drive to succeed, but with the means to do what you do best — create. Past graduates of this program are now working at top studios such as Bardel Entertainment, EA Sports, Pixelyard, Blue Drop, Gogi Games, DHX Studios, and Disney Interactive. Spend 24 months with Centre for Arts and Technology and be primed to join them in any of these careers:  
•  Digital Animator
•  Character Modeler
•  Technical Artist
•  Texture Artist
•  Digital Artist
•  Lighting Artist
•  Concept/Storyboard Artist
•  Compositing Artist

Companies Employing Our Graduates:

Bardel Entertainment | Rainmaker Entertainment | Yeti Farm Creative | Disney Online | EA Sports | MPC | Nerdcorps Entertainment | United Front Games | Digital Extreme | Slant Six Games | Lemonade Labs | Hyper Hippo Games | Lizard Brain

Student Testimonials:

“Centre for Arts and Technology introduced me to friends with similar interests, a work environment unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and instructors who inspired me to be better.” – Evan Lewis

“Tools, contacts, availability – The things everyone needs to succeed, the Centre for Arts and Technology takes it one step further and doesn’t just turn you into a graduate, they mold you into a professional with the skills needed succeed and the know how to get where you want to be. Fast and exciting the 3D animation course taught me many things that I wasn’t expecting to learn about; such as photography, art, professionalism, and design. Since graduating, I am happily and successfully working from home as a freelance 3D Artist, something I thought would take me years to achieve.” – James Smith  |  3D Artist  |  Self Employed

“CATO prepared me for my industry by helping me to become independent in my work yet still be able to work with a team. CATO pushed me to find my own answers and ask for critiques when I need it. CATO also really brought out my hard working attitude to get things done and to get it done on time or beforehand which is a hugely advantageous skill to have in the industry.” – Krista Baron  |  Animator  |  Bardel Entertainment

Animation for Game, Film, & Visual Effects – Program Flatsheet Animation for Game, Film, & Visual Effects – Program Outline and Course Descriptions


Sean Ridgway | Department Head  Graduating in 1992, Sean jumped right into animating and developing CD-Rom games for an independent video game company in Oakville, Ont.  In 1994 the attraction of the west coast and the burgeoning Vancouver animation industry led Sean to work at major pre-production houses in the Lower Mainland such as ‘Studio ‘B’ Productions’ and ‘Bardel Entertainment’ designing  on many television shows such as “The Magic School Bus”, and “Tales from the Cryptkeeper”.  In 1996 ‘Disney’ came to Vancouver and over the next 4 years Sean helped animate many feature-length projects including the award winning “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”. Always looking for a challenge and a chance to broaden his skills, Sean accepted a position as a computer graphic artist on the ‘NBA Live’ team at Electronic Arts Canada in Burnaby, BC. In 2000, Sean started his teaching career, joining the ‘Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound’ as an instructor while working full-time in the industry.  In 2002, Sean was offered the full-time position of Animation department head at the ‘Center for Arts and Technology’ in Fredericton, New Brunswick and decided to make the journey back east with his family. Sean is back in BC and has been with Centre for Arts and Technology for over 11 years in the role of Department Head and full time instructor. To learn more about working in the Animation Industry, you can listen to our PODCAST WITH SEAN on our Soundcloud Stream. Roland Baron | Lead Instructor    Roland is a graduate of the 3D program at Cato.  He has been very active as a digital compositor, modeling and texture artist over the last several years. He has worked for Lizard Brain Animation as a compositor and Unity Broadcasting as the lead model-maker as well as other graphic artist duties. Further, he has several film credits as an animator, compositor and model-maker. He is currently building the “Hero” model for a new Film. Roland has also been instrumental as a teaching assistant, helping mold and motivate our graduate students. To learn more about working in the Animation Industry, you can listen to our PODCAST WITH ROLAND on our Soundcloud Stream. Wilson Leung | Instructor    Wilson Leung has worked in the animation and games industries for 16 years and within those 16 years he has worked with many different people in a lot of different places. He has worked with celebrities such as Tiger Woods and Rick Mercer and he has worked at places such as Entertainment Arts (EA) and Rainmaker Entertainment previously known as Mainframe Entertainment. Wilson is now teaching the new and upcoming generation to create a career in their passions. Wilson has taught at BCIT, the Arts Institute, and Vancouver Film School. At EA Wilson worked on gaming projects such as, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Tiger Woods, NHL and FIFA. Other projects that Wilson has worked on are Reboot, Transformers Beast War and War Planet. He greatly enjoys Kelowna and the opportunity to continue to teach that CAT has given him. Wilson is the Lead Instructor in the Animation for Game, Film, & Visual Effects Departments at CAT. He works closely with Sean Ridgway – the Animation department head, to develop new curriculum for the program. One of his greatest joys is teaching those who are going to be taking the reins for the future. Trent Trombley | Instructor  Trent is an alumnus from our school at the Kelowna campus and has come back to teach the new and upcoming 3D animators of the future. After graduating from our Game Art & Animation program in 2006, Trent has done many different jobs in the art and animation world. He has worked alongside David Perry designing the interface and doing the 3d modeling and texturing for an online poker game. Trent has also colour flatted comic books on comics such as: Spiderman, X-men and Avengers so they can be sent to the render artist for final detailing and printing. Trent has done game asset creation for environments as well as characters utilizing high resolution sculpting, low poly modeling, texturing and UV creation on various titles; some of these include The Darkness 2 and Ben 10 Galactic Racing. Shiu Cheung li | Instructor Shiu Cheung has been working as an animator for over 10 years in the video game and television industry.  He has had the opportunity to work for such industry leaders as Microsoft Game Studios, Sony Online Entertainment, Griptonite Games, Glu Mobile, Nerd Corps Entertainment, and Disney. In the span of 10 years, Shiu Cheung has worked on a variety of projects, from AAA console to MMO’s on pc, to handheld devices and mobile development.  He was the lead animator on games such as Marvel Superhero Squad: Comic Combat and Dreamworks’s Kung Fu Panda 2.  Shiu Cheung is currently working as the Senior 3D animator at Disney on Club Penguin. Michael Lewicki | Instructor Michael is a digital 3D animator with a wide range of experience. From productions such as The Smurfs (2011) for Sony Pictures Imageworks, Escape From Plant Earth (2012) from Rainmaker, Splinter Cell:Blacklist from Waterproof Studios and is currently working on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Centre for Arts and Technology is committed to improving and diversifying our educational offerings. One way we are doing this is through our Hybrid Learning Programs. Our intent is to create a lower tuition option for a broader market without sacrificing the quality of delivered course material. “Hybrid” refers to the combination of face-to-face and online delivery methods for class content within some of our core programs. Currently, Animation for Game, Film, & Visual EffectsGraphic & Digital Design, Web Development, and Graphic Design & Web Development will have alternate delivery options in which portions of these programs are completed online with the potential for some on-campus events, classes, and/or participation. Overall, these hybrid learning options will offer more flexibility to the working student, as class content will often be recorded and made available online.  Online classes can be attended remotely from any location and through the use of our learning management system CANVAS, students will have access to online video lectures, guided tutorials, and the opportunity to download any corresponding handouts as well as view other related online linked materials.  This increased flexibility affords students greater options for working while in school to gain additional needed income. In addition to more flexibility, these hybrid programs will feature lower tuition and will offer valuable experience to the student, who will learn how to operate effectively within a modern virtual professional world. Regular mentoring and collaborative assignments will engage students and offer some of the benefits traditionally considered part of face-to-face delivery. Discussion forums will connect online students to the rest of their classmates and provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer collaboration and feedback. Students taking a Hybrid program may also use existing facilities on-campus to complete assignments and get involved with campus activities. We believe that these Hybrid program options will meet the needs of an increasingly online-oriented student body and open up our programs to a larger audience. If you are interested in finding out more about our Hybrid learning options and how they can benefit you, please fill out the inquiry form on this page and a Program Advisor will be in touch.